Why A Muffin in the Oven?

Loved by Babies and Approved by Moms.

natural and ethical baby brand

Our Principles

We make sure we produce safe, cute, and cuddly clothing for your baby. But it doesn’t stop there! Have a look below at some of our key values that we will always live by.

Pure Organic Cotton


We design natural & ethical products to keep our babies & toddlers comfy and smiling.

- Unlikely to Cause Allergy*
- All Natural. No Metals. No toxic pesticides.*
- Good for Asthma and other conditions.*

Hypoallergenic baby clothing implies that our baby clothing is unlikely to cause an allergy. It is not “anti-allergenic” and we recommend that you talk to your doctor or pediatrician regarding any specific questions regarding hypoallergenic requirements for your baby.

Craft, Passion and Design

most honest baby brand

All of the clothes we sell have been designed in the creative capital of the world: Italy.

zero waste products

For Every Basic We Sell We Donate 10%

10% Of All Our Proceeds Are Donated To #WOOF, An Organization Helping Those Without Guardians.

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Loved by Babies and Approved by Moms.

The Adventure Hoodie
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