Our Promise 

To Our Muffin Community:

.By shopping at our store, you are making more than a purchase.You’re casting a vote and placing your faith in our family to provide yours with clothes & accessories that are just as pure as our little Muffins.

super soft baby clothing brand USA

That’s a big responsibility and we are ready to answer the call. How so?

These are the promises we vow to keep forever:

Handmade in our own Facilities

We promise to actually make our own products using our own hands in our own facilities. Making products allows us to offer genuine organic authenticity and honestly tell you exactly where the products you’re relying on for your family came from.

Soft and Cuddly

We promise to make clothes that are super-duper soft and uber-cuddly. So much so, our babies themselves will protest taking off their pajamas.

Made by Moms, for Moms

We promise to design and curate products Made by Moms, for Moms.

Radical Transparency

Unfortunately, not all the big-box distributors or wholesalers want to be that radically transparent. That’s okay though! We stay true to our values and choose only to work with suppliers who share our commitment to radical transparency and maintaining our principles, morals, and sustainability standards.

Reliable Partners

If we don’t make the product in-house, we promise to find out exactly the person or group that does. And we won’t stop there: we believe our suppliers should be willing to show and tell you exactly what went into the product. 

Reliable Partners

We promise to check, for real, in person, and in-depth, leaving no stone unturned so we can truly get to know each supplier beyond emails or any for-profit third-party certification logo.

super soft baby clothing

We are makers. We promise to empower other makers who are passionate and transparent about their craft. As true makers, we promise to provide your baby products that are 100% genuinely ethical, from every angle.

In Italy, our designers vow to source, where possible, natural, sustainable, or organic fabrics and trims.

We promise product quality so high, that all our products can become a Hand-Me-Down. After all, ethical goods shouldn’t fill landfills.

We promise to make sure our clothes are hand-me-downs, we promise to use the best fibers, like TRU-Pima Cotton. Did you get something at our store that isn’t a Hand-Me-Down? Call me.

Wrap up all of these promises with a few cups of tanto amore and très chic.

Softest Baby Onesie

We hope our legacy reaches beyond the product and that our work contributes to advancing sustainability:

sustainably made baby clothing

We promise to create a true Muffin Team and work-family. We promise to offer our team of crafts-moms and dads jobs they can count on to provide for their families, no matter what.

handmade baby clothing

To fulfill that promise, we thank you for choosing our brand and we promise to provide the world’s best customer service on our journey to serve your family and babies with the most amazing products in the world.

natural and ethical baby brand

I’ll say that again: we want to see you leave our store 150% happy. If you’re not, contact me and my team. We are here to listen to your feedback. After all, who better than honest moms-and-dads to help us advance our mission

When you make muffins, you want the best ingredients.

When you make a baby, you want to provide them with only the best products to serve them on their journey throughout life.

Thank you for choosing the Muffin Family.


Martina Cafaro
Co-Founder at A Muffin in the Oven

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