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Cosy Organic Pajamas and Sleepers for Your Toddler Girls

Our organic pajamas and sleepers are all ethically handcrafted with the world’s finest cotton: Tru-Pima Cotton; purposely engineered to be gentle and soft on your toddler girls’ delicate skin.

As sustainability is one of our top priorities, our organic pajamas and sleepers are designed to be long lasting, and even to be handed down to your future toddler girls.

Super Stretchy Pajamas & Sleepers

A good restorative sleep is fundamental for your toddler girls’ healthy growth, so we did our best to create the most comfortable organic pajamas and sleepers in circulation. Our Stretch Your Leg design and super stretch waistbands will allow your toddler girls to move without any difficulties, while its breathable sleeves will keep him fresh throughout the night.

Putting on pajamas or sleepers on your toddler girl while he’s already sleepy can be a delicate process, that’s why we have implemented easy-on neckholes and stretch stitching to our organic sleepers and pajamas, as well as safe and easy-to-handle snaps.

Plus, our Tagless Tech and Muffin Embroidery Patch will make sure that your toddler girls’ sleep is never going to be interrupted by the itchiness and irritation caused by tags.

Perfect for Each Season

Whether you opt for breathable short sleeves or footed sleepers with long sleeves, our organic pajamas are perfect for every season; they will protect your sweet toddler girls from unpredictable changes in weather.

Apart from being exceptionally functional and comfortable, our organic pajamas and sleepers are also timeless and stylish. With our wide array of matching sets and fun prints, your toddler girls can be effortlessly chic - even with their eyes closed.

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