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Super Duper Soft Pants and Leggings

Made with Tru-Pima Cotton, the world’s softest and finest cotton, our organic pants and leggings for baby boys are of the highest quality. Our organic pants and leggings are hypoallergenic, designed to be delicate on your baby boy’s skin.

Perfect for your Baby Boy’s Day-to-day Activities

Your baby boy is way too young to understand why adults call pants “leg prisons”. So, using our Stretch Your Leg design, we created pants and leggings that won’t compromise your baby boy’s movements, whether he’s starting to experiment with crawling or is already walking confidently around the house.

And thanks to our signature stretchable waistbands, there won’t be any need to remove these pants and leggings once your baby boy gets tired from playing - our organic pants and leggings are indeed so comfortable that your baby boy could sleep in them!

Hassle-free Organic Pants and Leggings

Our easy-on waistband is key to making the cloth changing process hassle-free, and most importantly, completely safe.

And as creating hand-me-down quality clothes for your baby boy is a cornerstone for our brand, our organic pants and leggings are engineered to be resilient despite their softness. Safe and trustworthy snaps and zippers were implemented in all of our organic pants and leggings.

We also took care of those annoying tags that could potentially irritate your baby boys’ delicate skin by implementing our Tagless Tech and Muffin Embroidery Patch.

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