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The Muffin Angel Suit
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The Cosiest Sleeping Sacks & Downs for Baby girls

To give your baby girls ethical and first-class garments, we spent years perfecting our craft and founded Tru-Pima Cotton - the finest and softest cotton in circulation. Our organic sleeping sacks and downs are made of this high quality and hypoallergenic cotton, designed to be delicate on your baby girl’s skin. And if you ever decide to have more than one baby girl, these organic sleeping sacks and downs are perfect hand-me-downs, as they impeccably stand the test of time.

Extra Soft and Comfortable Sleepwear

Good sleep plays a huge role in a baby girl’s health, and is at the top of every Mommy’s priority list. Our sleeping sacks and downs’ Open Bottom Design manages to give your baby girl comfort and freedom of movement, allowing her to toss and turn without restrictions. That way she’ll be able to sleep, well… like a baby.

Our Angel Slip Design and stretch stitching were enforced to safely slip on the sleeping sacks and downs, even when your baby girls are already dozing.

To increase your baby girl’s quality of sleep, we’ve implemented our Tagless Tech and Muffin Embroidery Patch on our sleeping sacks and downs, in this manner she won’t be disturbed by any itches.

Warm and Snug Downs and Sleeping Sacks

Our organic sleeping sacks and downs with long sleeves are the best sleepwear for cold winter nights: they are guaranteed to keep your baby girl warm and cosy, without restricting their movements in any way.

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