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Highly Comfortable and Soft Clothing

Our organic clothing for baby boys are all made out of Tru-Pima Cotton, the world’s finest cotton, engineered in our own factories with the guidance of Masters of the textile industry. Only the best of the best for your lovely baby.

Being hypoallergenic and durable, our organic clothing for baby boys is ideal to accompany your baby boy from his first days and all through his most important milestones.

Signature Prints and Colors

Our products are chic, stylish and timeless. With our signature colors and prints, your baby boy can dress our pieces up or down, whether he’s being shown off to the family and friends for the first time or just having a relaxing day at home with his family. Let us know which one is your baby boy's favourite!

Perfect for Sleep and Play

Specifically designed while thinking about a baby boy’s day-to-day activities, our products are implemented by signature features such as:

  • Easy-on neckholes: highly stretchable neckholes to make the cloth changing process hassle-free for Mommy.
  • Stretch Your Leg design: a functionality that allows him to move his legs freely and without problems.
  • Tagless Tech and Muffin Embroidery Patch: our organic clothing for baby boys completely lacks tags that could irritate your baby boy’s delicate skin.
  • and much more!

These features will allow your baby boy to play without restrictions of movement, and have not only sweet, but golden dreams. Or, as we say here in Italy, sogni d’oro!

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