The Softest Baby Onesie

Our founders are committed to making super-duper soft baby onesies. Find out the facts behind the world’s softest baby clothing.

Softest Baby Onesie

We set out to create the world’s softest baby onesies

At A Muffin in the Oven, we set out on an adventure to create the softest baby onesie ever. Our babies sleep, play, laugh, and smile in those little full body onesies we all know and love. Naturally, we wanted to make sure they were super-duper soft, clothing so soft, your baby will feel like they’re back in Mamma’s belly. Now, that’s a big claim, so it’s only fair we drop some facts to back it up!

Tru-Pima cotton baby onesies

How did we make the softest baby clothing?

Okay, so we had some help along the way. Actually, a lot of help! Our founders, Clelia & Alberto, are thankful to have worked with some of the world’s best textile engineers, fashion designers, and sewing masters. Leaving no stone unturned, we found the fiber Gossypium barbadense, aka Pima Cotton, which is one of the finest cottons in the world. We went step further. They chose only genuine, organic, and verified TRU-Pima Cotton to make sure we gave your baby the best quality. Our moral fiber – pun intended – was all about using the best cotton for our baby clothing.

It was a perfect match!

Cotton baby onesies

Built to Last

Our garments are designed and sewn in the highest quality. This fulfills our promise that each garment is first class and can be handed down to the next generation.


TRU-Pima Cotton Onesies from A Muffin in the Oven last a really, really long time. Using genuine TRU-PIMA, our fabric is long-lasting and resistant to pilling.

Temperature Controlled Sleep

Our Pima cotton onesies are both breathable and comfortable, helping your baby stay cool on a hot summer day or stay warm during a cozy winter night.

Super-Duper Soft

We really do love soft baby clothing. It’s kinda our thing!

Insanely Comfy

We put your baby’s comfort first. Afterall, being cozy and cuddly helps make sure your toddler will sleep all night long!

All Natural

Our mentality is simple: if we wouldn’t do it for our little, we shouldn’t do it for your little. We vow to choose natural and ethical first.

Natural Brightness

Our garments have a beautiful and elegant shine that comes naturally from the quality of materials used to create our fabrics.

Making Baby Clothing Soft Again!

A Muffin In The Oven Chooses The World’s Best Cotton To Create Soft, Huggable Baby Clothing.

That’s our goal. We are working hard everyday to stay true to that promise and to advance that mission.

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